There are many challenges facing corporate leaders as they navigate a post COVID world. Work from home has accelerated the urgency for a move to modern digital workplace tools. Improving all aspects of the digital workplace can dramatically improve productivity, innovation and employee engagement. Convene Communications works with clients to assess the current state of their digital workplace, align on improvements and deliver the appropriate solutions.

Convene Communications was founded fifteen years ago to help clients solve complex, enterprise-wide workforce collaboration, communication and content management challenges. We have an expertise in digital strategy for employee communication, digital workplace collaboration and enterprise social tools. Convene Communications helps companies drive innovation by working with clients to improve productivity by optimizing digital workplace tools.

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Digital Platform Strategy

We partner with clients to help create a strategy that gets the most out of your current and future digital communication platforms. Working closely with your Communications, Human Resources, Information Technology teams and other stakeholders, we will provide insight into best practices and methodologies and strategies that will work best for your organization. If you want to increase collaboration and employee engagement, or are just looking to develop more creative and dynamic content, we can work with you to find the right roadmap.

Platform Training and Coaching

Your team needs to understand how your platforms work. What are the fundamental and advanced capabilities of the digital workplace applications you have deployed and what are the best practices for using them. Convene Communications will create a bespoke training program for your users and product owners.

Application Review and Implementation

If you need to replace any of your current digital workplace platforms or are considering adding additional tools, we can provide support in documenting requirements and identifying vendors that meet your needs. Convene has worked on numerous projects to vetting vendors, helping with contract negotiation and resolving final offerings. We have managed many projects in deploying these solutions.


What are the rules of the road for your digital workplace applications? Who signs off on decisions and has ownership of the different platforms? Do you have policies in place to manage new structure, new user rights, content policies? We can run workshops with your team to develop the right policies that fit your organization’s requirements and also work with best practice methodologies.

User Experience and User Interface

Understanding the different ways your team will interact with your digital workplace platforms is invaluable in developing system requirements and working with your vendors, developers and designers to create a solution that meets your strategic objectives. Convene runs workshops to develop user stories that help our clients understand the different ways employees interact with these tools. We then translate these into requirements that the project team leverages as part of their work.

Intranet Review and Upgrade

Often the core of an organization’s digital workplace environment, the intranet can be invaluable in supporting the communications and employee engagement strategy. We work with your product owner and technology teams to review your current platform for interoperability, functionality, how well it meets your digital workplace strategy and its technological life status. We answer the questions of how well your platform meets your current requirements, how well it stands up to the test of technological progress and does it work well.

We work with clients to answer key questions as they consider organizational challenges with communication, employee engagement and collaboration. What are the tools and options, and which of them fit your organizational strategy? What are your employees looking for, and do they even know what questions to ask? What is a digital workplace, and why do you need one? Which tools can you utilize to drive collaboration across your organization and between individuals and teams?

Our Team

Scott Ashen
Managing Partner

Scott has spent over twenty years working on large, complex enterprise technology projects for Fortune 500 organizations. For the last 11 years, he has worked with clients to deploy and manage digital workplace solutions. His industry experience includes financial services, insurance, consumer packaged goods, not-for-profit and real estate and construction. Scott is passionate about solving complicated challenges for clients, implementing improvements and discovering new ways of working. The value he brings to clients includes a deep understanding of business process as well as the needs of the company and employees to collaborate and communicate.

Scott launched Convene Communications to leverage his expertise and support clients working on digital workplace and employee experience improvements. His diverse career includes working with a wide range of corporate organizations in including technology, finance and human resources. Over the past ten years, Scott has partnered with multiple clients, including American Express and Philip Morris International, to help them expand their communications and employee engagement technology platforms.

Christine Hess
Managing Partner

With more than 20 years of marketing experience, Christine’s passion is around building communities and connections by creating impactful learning experiences for executives. She has an impressive track record of executing successful events that result in increased customer engagement and sales, as her methodologies focus on understanding the needs of the audience. In addition, she is committed to achieving the organic growth goals of the organizations that she works with to achieve their desired performance metrics. The programs and conferences that she has delivered both virtual and in-person drive brand awareness, deliver insights, and showcase her client’s capabilities and solutions. Having worked in both Asia and United States, she brings a unique global perspective and a deep knowledge of event operations, complex logistics, large budget management and cutting-edge event technology implementation. With a focus on innovation and change management, she is a creator, designer and facilitator of in-person and virtual client-facing workshops with an emphasis on leadership and team building.